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Scaling refers to the overall size of various elements of the Modern UI including the Start Screen and Windows Store apps, as well as system tools and utilities that take full advantage of the new interface. Metro Scaler’s job is to let you to scale the interface based on screen size. You can choose a display size between 5 inch and 25 inch.

Using the tool fairly simple. After downloading the application, run the portable EXE file and then use the scaling slider to adjust the size according to your preferences. The display size appears in inches and your PC must be restarted every time you apply a new size, for the changes to take effect. One thing that really fancied me is that after changing the scaling, the Modern UI interface doesn’t lose any kind of sharpness at all. There is no ‘zoomed out’ and pixelated feel; everything looks crisp and vivid. To change the size, you need to click the Scale button at the bottom-right, and then simply restart your PC. If you wish to restore to factory defaults, just hit the ‘Reset to default’ button. Erectiepillen en hoge bloeddruk

The screenshot below demonstrates the clock widget of Windows 8 Lock Screen the way it looks by default. If you’re not happy with this default configuration, just follow our step-by-step tutorial to personalize it according to your liking.


Open the Start Screen, type ‘regedit’ (without the quotation marks), and click or tap the ‘regedit’ tile that appears in the results.

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SkyDrive is Microsoft’s native file hosting service similar to Dropbox and Google Drive that allows to upload files to cloud storage and sync them across all your Windows devices. Compared to earlier cloud storage and sync services offered by Microsoft (Live Mesh et al) , SkyDrive has a deeper integration with the latest versions of both Windows and Office. Just like Dropbox, Google Drive, and other popular sync services SkyDrive creates a folder in your hard drive and anything that is copied into it gets automatically uploaded to the cloud. You can access your cloud data using your account information from any computer with an internet connection. While being very useful, there is still a limitation that you need to manually copy the files and folders to your SkyDrive folder in order to upload them. SkyShellEx is an application for Windows that integrates SkyDrive into your Windows shell, allowing you to sync any folder to SkyDrive without changing the existing folder structure. You can also share your SkyDrive files and folders via email and URL. More on SkyShellEx after the jump. Continue reading

The number of cloud storage services out there has been increasing at a really fast pacee over the past few years. While the likes of Dropbox, Box and SugarSync have managed to enhance their reputation by frequently introducing innovative features, there have been numerous other candidates vying to compete in this ever-growing market. Relatively new to the scene, Klink is yet another neatly built cloud storage service that aims to impress with its online data backup, restore and cross-platform syncing capabilities. Currently available for Windows, iOS, Android and web, Klink offers each registered member 2GB of free cloud storage space. Using the service’s mobile apps, you can access your cloud files on any device you own. Continue reading

Even though the names Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive etc. have become synonymous with cloud storage, this doesn’t stop new entrants from jumping onto the bandwagon. After being left impressed by the feature set of Maxxo, the unlimited space options of Bitcasa, and the ease in setting up your own cloud offered by Syncbox, we came across Dump Truck – an intuitive and user-friendly cloud storage service that offers up to 500GB worth of space! It is the brainchild of Golden Frog – a major IT firm with an already large online presence in internet services and applications solutions like VyprVPN. Dump Truck offers free as well as paid cloud subscriptions starting at as low as $4.99/month for 50GB, while free accounts get 5GB of space to start with. Continue reading

While there’s no doubting the astounding note-taking proficiency of Evernote, things can become a bit tough while clipping stuff from webpages on your mobile device. This holds true especially if you’re looking to clip just select material instead of the entire webpage itself. For instance there might be just an image of interest on the webpage that you want to clip, or you might want to save just the main contents, a required text portion, an image snapshot of a part of the web page, or its URL, instead of the complete article itself. If you’re looking for an efficient web clipping app for Android that can store select content in your Evernote account, Impotentie na prostaatoperatie

XBMC is likely the best and most feature-rich cross-platform media center application available for almost all leading computer platforms. The immensely powerful open-source software has always been revered for the wide array of media discovery, playback & streaming tools it supports, and things only seem to get better with the release of version 12 of XBMC codenamed ‘Frodo’ that not only brings with it a slew of brand new features, but also introduces us to the official Raspberry Pi and Android variants of our beloved media center. As with both recently-supported platforms, the latest release of XBMC now lets Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, ATV and iOS users enjoy full HD audio support, improved AirPlay support, Viagra bloeddruk

CPU – PII or more…
OS – Any Linux distribution.

Software – – Iptables
Network Interface Cards(NIC): 2
Here is my considerations:
Replace xx.xx.xx.xx with your WAN IP
Replace yy.yy.yy.yy with your LAN IP
(i.e.,, as suggested by itjagat.com)
WAN = eth0 with public IP xx.xx.xx.xx
LAN = eth1 with private IP yy.yy.yy.yy/

Step by Step Procedure:
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