Daily Archives: February 18, 2013

Windows logo key+spacebar for Switch input language and keyboard layout.
Windows logo key+O for Locks device orientation.
Windows logo key+Y for Temporarily peeks at the desktop.
Windows logo key+V for Cycles through toasts.
Windows logo key+Shift+V for Cycles through toasts in reverse order.
Windows logo key+Enter for Launches Narrator.
Windows logo key+PgUp for Moves Metro style apps to the monitor on the left.
Windows logo key+PgDown for Moves Metro style apps to the monitor on the right.
Windows logo key+Shift+. for Moves the gutter to the left (snaps an application).
Windows logo key+. for Moves the gutter to the right (snaps an application)
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1. The home screen, press the Windows key for open or switch to the desktop (if open).
2. Press the (Windows key + D) for open the Windows desktop.
3. Press the (Windows key +.) to fix and Windows apps unfreezing sideways on the screen.
4. Press the(Windows key + X) to the user menu is open, that access to many features that have most power users would like to (such as Device Manager and command prompt).
5. Press the (Windows key + C) for open the charm.
6. Press the (Windows key + I) found open the settings is the same settings in the charms.
7. Press and hold the (Windows key + tab), point to the open apps.
8. Press the (Windows key + print), is saved to create a screenshot, automatically in the My Pictures folder.