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SkyDrive also known as the Windows Live SkyDrive is an online niche for your personal documents including photos, videos, music, books and so on. SkyDrive comes with Windows 8 and Windows RT but is accessible to users having Windows 7, Windows Vista and Mac OS Lion also. SkyDrive is a 7 GB personal cloud which enables you to store your personal favorites and access them anytime anywhere and from any tablet, phone. Since it is an online hosting service, so once you store you documents in the SkyDrive, there is no more any hazard Continue reading

In Windows 8 by default, setting is set to automatically update the apps that you have downloaded from “Windows App Store”. That means whenever an update for your downloaded app will appear in “Windows App Store” your Windows 8 will automatically start downloading and installing that update. Sildenafil hennig

Create quickly database in your MySQL installation for some project you are working on. Follow this quick guide to do.

We’re going to create a database named ‘itjagat’ with a user named itjagat_user and a password of ‘itjagat123’. We’re going to give him all privileges on this database and allow him to connect only from localhost. Viagra sex

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