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Data Analysis and processing

raman spectra analysis software is a purely dedicated for Raman spectroscopy. Its architect raman user as a result of the direct subjective tool you need to get information from raman data
• During analysis period, get highest accurate and representative information
• Random data analysis to extract the wealth of information contained withinRaman Spectra Analysis Software

Key Features

Data processing capacity single spectra and multi-files focused on
• Background fluorescence removal (patented intelligent fitting baseline subtraction)
• Subtraction of spectral features originating from solvents & substrates
• Cosmic ray removal (including automated nearest neighbor options)
• Noise removal and reduction (including automated PCA noise removal)
A Capacity of analysis options for single spectra:
• Identification of spectral (choose from an extensive range of databases or build your as your own)
• Actual reporting of band parameters (ex: position, width and area, to reveal material properties)
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