Daily Archives: April 23, 2017

Facebook is one of the biggest photo directory. Over 350 million photos uploaded every single day. With such big photo directory and full control over your photos, it is likely you may like to know how you can Facebook photo download.

Fortunately Facebook give you a right to download your photos and videos, you can easily download a single photo or video & all album from facebook along with third-party tools

Download a Single Photo on Desktop and Android

It is actually very simple way to download a single photo from facebook wall, Just click on the photo to preview and then click on “option” located below screen shoot image, from the option click on Download button & then the photo will be download with the highest available regulation.
facebook photo download
On Android just open the photo and go to top right corner here you will see three vertical dot click here and from here click on “Save Photo” and the photo will be saved. see the below screen shoot.
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