About ITjagat

Many young professionals, expert in their individual field, have gathered together to form a web site by the banner ITJagat. The mission is to serve the rapidly growing internet users in their own working field. The professionals in different wings are encouragingly involving themselves in using internet at their day to day life. The world has come at one’s own grip at the revolutionizing of internet and with its complete package of information. With a single finger tip and by the rhythm of a moment the total universe is visible at your window. All the information’s are available in the web related to its meaningfulness and authenticity. Keeping in mind, the present status of professional internet users in Bangladesh, our venture aims to reach at the root level. As our motto is “Voice of Technology”, so it is designed in plain, simple language in order to reach users by far. ITJagat team of experts is working hard to make the site rich in value and content as one will find everything under the same roof. With texts written in simple, fundamental English, the users will be able to understand the topic easily and our communication language is moderate and sensible. Also, latest and updated information’s, first time circulated in web and unique in content and nature,is our hallmark.In a market of utmost rivalry, we have taken our endeavor as a challenge and are quite optimistic to be the stand out.
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