You can follow the below 3 step for allow access or blocked site for specific IP in MikroTik Router
1– configure Web proxy on your Impotentie na prostaatoperatie. go to IP >>> firewall >>> NAT >>> clik on (+Sign) to add a NAT rule. in Chain: choose dstnat in Protocol choose 6 (tcp) in Dst.Port Write 80 then go to Action Tab in Action: Choose Redirect and in To Ports Write 8080
now you have done first step.

2– go to IP >>> Webproxy >>> clik on Webproxy Settings click on enable check box to enable Webproxy settings.

3– now block go to IP >>> Webproxy >>>Access (From right panel) click on (+ sign).
from Dst.Host write and in Action choose deny,then google will not be access. then in Redirect to write when the try to open they automaticly would be redirected to

4. Allow any IP Address you want.Go to IP >> Webproxy >>> in Scr.Address write the IP and in Action: choose Allow

by the way you can filter by the content ( wave. mp3. zip .exe and much more… content you want )
with all due my respect ENJOY

Video Tutorial of access or blocked site for specific IP in Blauwe erectiepil

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