Are you interested in working at call center ?

We all expect a good job for our career. I think young people are now very interested in building careers through call center jobs, So for them, this presented today. “

At present Call Center jobs are the most preferred profession of youth. Call Center is increasing day by day in world In addition to various mobile operators, it is also possible to provide services to different types of banks, e-commerce sites, educational institutions, service providers, and other organizations, to provide fast service to their customers or service providers. Here there is a permanent job as well as a part-time job opportunity. As a result, university-level students are joining this job as well as education. This job experience also works as an additional qualification for entry into other jobs.

Call center as youth’s career:
Most of the associations associated with the work in the call center are young. Grameenphone Chief Human Resources Officer Kazi Mohammad Shahed said that the youth are more interested in this profession. It is known to customers about their products, services, needs and experiences through phone talk. If someone is marketing the company’s brand, it helps to increase marketing knowledge. Muneul is studying MBA at BRAC University Besides, he has also been working part-time jobs in a mobile operator company. He said, it provides a good idea about corporate culture. In addition, this profession helps you to stay close to people and understand the attitude.

Job field at call center:
The main point of call center is to provide customer service through phone. In this context, Bangladesh Association of Call Center and Outsourcing President Ahmadul Haque said that the number of registered call centers of BTRC is more than 80. However, the number of registered call centers of their organization is 56. The demand for work in this sector is increasing day by day. Over 40-50 thousand new workers will be added in this sector in the next few years. Which will increase further in future.

Call center work type:
Currently, two types of services are offered at call centers of Bangladesh – local and international services. The telecommunication companies provide the most services at the local level. Companies in developed countries send call to their customers through call forwarding to the specific call center number. The main function of the call center staff is to ensure proper service of the customer. The main function of call center is to provide services to the customers through phone. Each call is to collect one call, so the job is not monotonous.

Call center work qualification:
Applying for this job can be applied in any case at university level. The Grameenphone authorities said that they are graduating for post of graduate-graduate student and a graduate pass for the above post. Besides, he must have basic computer knowledge for office work. Must be proficient in speaking and answering pure language. There are four to nine hours of different shifts for the students. There are many companies that offer you the choice of shifts, but in very rare cases.

The skills which are important:
The main skill of the call center is to listen carefully to the customer. Their problems are well understood. Kazi Mohammad Shahed said, “In the case of taking people to call center, we usually see effective communication skills, positive mentality, mentality to cooperate and ability to do different things together.” Ahmadul Haque said, the qualification of this work is the good skill of communication. Tasamina Kori, Chief Operating Officer of Soft-Call, a call center in Dhaka, said those who are interested in this profession need to be patient. To meet customer’s needs.

Recruitment process:
Regarding recruitment of call center staff, the organizations usually publish notices on their websites and job portals. The Chief Human Resources Officer of Grameenphone said that they first see the citation on demand. If you like, the ability to speak (voice) for the applicant’s oral communication skills test is checked. Then interviews and work-based tests are taken.

Salary and benefits:
Different call centers pay bells according to the bell. In this case, the salary depends on the quality of the organization. There are two days holidays a week. However, if someone does the office on holidays, then additional pay is given. If you can show good skills in this position, it is possible to get a lot of posts as well as good salary allowance and get possible. In many cases, these positions are very helpful in getting jobs.
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