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Hyper v Replication and How Does Replication Work?

At present data security is the most important challenges in the world, most of the business is suffering lost their important data, and Disaster recovery (DR) is confusing and expansive. Hyper v Replication resolves this complexity and expenses of Disaster recovery (DR). The remaining challenges for IT are to overcome any barrier. Replica for disaster recovery Virtual replica machine is […]

How Generate SQL Report from Table

How Generate SQL Report from Table

SQL is a most common uses database for small and medium size database. Some times we are fetching problem for generate report from SQL database, here I will show to you how How Generate SQL Report from Table.This is a very simple query & it is also for beginner. stay with us & search the blog for more SQL related […]



A SQL Trigger is a special type of stored procedure that automatically executes on the server database when event occurs. Data manipulation language for a user to execute DML (DML) triggers when someone tries to modify the data. DML event insert, update, or delete statement on a table or view. Fire trigger when a valid event, to be fired regardless of whether […]


Table name: item_info Colum_name:PRODUCTS_NAME Code for duplicate data filter, for that you have to use Trigger-WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM Code: declare a number; begin select count(1) into a from item_info where lower(PRODUCTS_NAME)=lower(:PRODUCTS_NAME); if a>0 then message(‘Already Exist In Database’); message(‘Already Exist In Database’); raise form_trigger_failure; end if; end; Output:

Sql Tigger

1.POST-TEXT-ITEM declare a number; begin if : DISP_EMPNO is not null then select count(*) into a from emp where empno=: DISP_EMPNO; if a>0 then select ename,sal into : DISP_EMPNAME,: DISP_SALARY from emp where empno=: DISP_EMPNO; else : DISP_EMPNAME:=”; : DISP_SALARY:=”; end if; end if; exception when others then null; end; —————————————————————-

NVL Function & Post Query

Code for sequential serial provide: (PRE-INSERT) select nvl (max(employee_id),0)+1 into :employee_id from employee; ——————————————————————– POST Query if : department_id is not null then select department_name into : disp_department from hr_department where id=: department_id; end if;