How to make a website or personal blog

Step by step  setup guide for Build a website or blog for business or personal use.

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Build a website

Step1# Platform choose

Before you thinking about color schemes & domain name, you must have to decided that what would be your website development platform or by which platform you are going to build your website.

What is platform? Or why
Answer is, from the digital content concept or online profile idea growing period most of the website were build HTML (code), CSS along with flash. This took a lot of time and accordingly time it was costly.

Most of the people still thinking website creation is very difficult and have to be lot of design and coding skill  — but that is no longer true !

In 2017 you can make a website using CMS (content Management System) that is very easy and time saving ; Like WordPress

In CMS based website you can design your site to your content according to your own way without html code or other programming language.

The Most Popular & Latest Website Building CMS
Build a website
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According to above graph scenario around half of the website on the internet are running on the WordPress CMS platform.
Just look at these recent statistics made by W3 Techs and BuiltWith.

Why WordPress?

  • It is totally free, with many layout and themes (designed beautiful themes and templates)
  • It’s VERY beginner-friendly.
  • Small or large site? Great for both.
  • Your site will be ‘responsive’. Meaning it’ll work on mobiles & tablets, too.
  • HUGE support and developer community available to help.

Of course, you can Build a website by others website building / CMS platforms, too.

Drupal is a very powerful and popular platform but it is not suitable for beginner, if you want to work with Drupal you must have to coding experience.

Joomla is similar to WordPress and word fine for website, but you must have a little bit idea about coding for making your website usable.
For beginners, I suggest sticking to WordPress.

Domain Name and Host
For get a new website you must have a domain name ( / .net, .org, .biz, .info etc. and another is Hosting (service who is connect your site to internet)

Installing WordPress

  Login to your Hosting Account.

Installation see in video tutorial :

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