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If you’re a Firefox user, about:addons-memory will help you find the add-ons that are dragging your browser’s performance down.
about:addons-memory doesn’t need the browser to be restarted upon installation. It adds a new about page, about:addons-memory that gives you a summary of the memory consumed by all installed and enabled add-ons in Firefox. Memory usage is shown in MB, followed by an Add-on column that shows the add-on’s relative memory usage in comparison with the others enabled add-ons. A ‘Minimize memory usage’ button at the bottom of the page allows you to reduce the memory being used, but it is a temporary solution. Memory usage might also fluctuate depending on whether an add-on is actively working currently or not.addons-memory Continue reading


Microsoft Outlook Email List BackUp Software exports all email addresses from Microsoft Outlook email client Software. Outlook Email List BackUp Software have various and filters capabilities to exports Valid Email Addresses from all or selected mail folders such as (INBOX, SENT ITEMs, Contacts, Drafts etc.) and from all configured email accounts/outlook profiles in Microsoft Outlook mail Client Software. Continue reading

Class room spy, a great software to monitor or control all the computers in computer lab, cyber café and office. This software will be at great help for the network administrators having computers supported by windows operating system.

The office executives, cyber café users or the students in computer lab connected through local network can be monitored and remotely controlled by class room spy software. Remote computers in local network can be controlled by remote desktop of Microsoft but no as good as class room spy. This only 11MB software can be downloaded from Here or

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