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Controlling computer by Internet (Remote) has become very trendy now a day. Among the popular software’s, Team viewer is the trendiest. But, it is much easier to control a computer by log-me-in. The best thing of log-me-in is that, the person controlling the computer needn’t any software. It can be done through website. Only the software would have to be loaded in the client (Remote) computer. No hassle of having passwords every time.
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It’s very hazardous to share large sized files through Internet. First, you have to upload files in various free hosting sites and give link to download, if you want to send a large sized file to anyone. But, with the help of G Bridge, you can share your computer folder through the Internet very easily. So, you can avoid the hazard of uploading large files. The receiver can download folder or files from your computer as like pear to pear network. For this, both will have to have G-mail and G Bridge account in common. You can download this 2.02 MB free software from Here Continue reading

We have heard the name of Email Client. Many use Email Clients like, Outlook, Eudora, and Thunderbird. Mails with pop are downloaded from web mail through mail client and come to mail client, so it is possible to read or save emails without internet. But, the problem is that, the web mails are downloaded in mail client, so they are not stored in web mail, nor can be read from anywhere. Though, G-mail has pop along with the option of mail copy online. Continue reading


It’s helpful to use pop for some people though web mail is more popular. Specially, for those who has less internet speed or who use dial-up. Also, popup is used for variety of reasons. Among the popular emails, Yahoo does not allow general users use popup. But, users of Yahoo plus can use popup. In this case, there is no way of using popup directly from thunderbird or outlook. But, if you use pop peeper, then you will be able to use pop for web mails like, G-mail, Hotmail, Live mail, Rediff-mail beside Yahoo. You will get all the facilities of POP3 and IMAP in this password software. You can use this 1.01 MB freeware software from [download Here]. Also, there is some plug-ins of the software in this site. It will run in all versions of the windows.

The world is at our grip due to the invention of Internet. You can print to any printer in the world you wish. So, the complexity of fax can be minimized. For this, there should be printer sharing software and internet connection in both the computers. Download and install a freeware software From here  only 1.44 megabyte, which has Windows with Mac and competent for Linux platform,  . A printer share account will appear after installation. If you have accounts created earlier, then select ‘I already have account in PrintShare Network’ and login. Or, if you want to open a new account, select ‘Create new PrintShare Account’ and press ‘next’. Now, fill all the information and press ‘next’ and ‘finish’. A printer named ‘PrinterShare’ will be added to your computer. Also, user name and password will be sent to your mail account. Continue reading

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