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If you get the error in to the log file : wsyncmgr.log

” Sync failed: WSUS update source not found on site CAM. Please refer to WCM.log for configuration error details.. Source: getSiteUpdateSource”
The simply go to Server manager >> From left menu click on IIS Manager >> then in between middle window you will see server name >> right click on server name and then click on Internet Information server IIS Manager, Then you will get a new window IIS manger page >> expane the tree and the you will get site ( default site and custom site) expand sites and right click on custom sites >> click edit bindings…  here you will get port info for synchronizing. ( http=8530 and https= 8531)  then go to sccm server >> open system server configuration manager window >>  Administration > expand site configuration > click on sites > right click on sites in showing your custom deployment >    configuration site component > Software update point > select tab “sysc settings” Configuration upstream server URL here write upstream server name with http / https ( if you use http the give 8530 / if you use https then use 8531 || problem will be solve.

google adsense alternatives

Are you a new blogger & looking for an Ad network of  google adsense alternatives, for low-traffic blog !
Well, if your answer is, “Yes!” then today is a lucky day for you.
Today I will try to introduce to you Google Adsense Alternatives best Ad monetize network for your new blog.To think Google Ad Alternatives that the name comes first that is Infolinks. It is the popular Ad program which is also very new blogger friendly. Infolinks offers many ad types & is popularly known for their in-text ads. Continue reading

At present data security is the most important challenges in the world, most of the business is suffering lost their important data, and Disaster recovery (DR) is confusing and expansive. Hyper v Replication resolves this complexity and expenses of Disaster recovery (DR). The remaining challenges for IT are to overcome any barrier.

Replica for disaster recovery
Virtual replica machine is fully ready to run as a duplicate source machine. When replica will be run then HVR assumes that the source machine machine is lost or unreachable, after switch on within a minute machine will be fully ready for real environment operation.
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With SharePoint 2013, User Profile Synchronization has got something real cool and new, well actually the feature used to exist within MOSS 2007 J . Good old connection back to your AD to import users without any of the around the bush, lets fool FIM requirements. This import was just perfect and it always worked. If I had a dollar for every customer that I have come across on SharePoint 2010 complaining about User Profile Synchronization, nothing I would still be here doing SharePoint 2013. Continue reading

This normally happens via a SharePoint timer job named User Profile to SharePoint Full Synchronization. It’s described function is:

“Synchronizes user information from the user profile application to SharePoint users and synchronizes site memberships from SharePoint to the user profile application”

Well for whatever reason, it wasn’t doing that. To correct the issue, there can be a couple fixes:

Make a change to one of the fields via Central Administration like Title. Save this change, then re-open the profile and set it back to what it’s supposed to be. This will sometimes force the sync to run properly.
Remove the user from the site collection and re-add them
This is what did it for me. To do this, perform the following: Continue reading

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