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Discution and solution of windows 8 operating syastem

SkyDrive also known as the Windows Live SkyDrive is an online niche for your personal documents including photos, videos, music, books and so on. SkyDrive comes with Windows 8 and Windows RT but is accessible to users having Windows 7, Windows Vista and Mac OS Lion also. SkyDrive is a 7 GB personal cloud which enables you to store your personal favorites and access them anytime anywhere and from any tablet, phone. Since it is an online hosting service, so once you store you documents in the SkyDrive, there is no more any hazard Continue reading

Windows 8 is latest version of Microsoft ,  last few days we introduce with windows 8, Many of the people facing problem in the time of install windows 8, some time its not work properly for that I am sharing this article and download link which is working 100% properly.

N.B- Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 must be installed & antivirus keep disable before activation

Window 8 operating is a different look from windows 7 or other previous operating system. All of previous Microsoft operating system shutdown button was bottom left so users are habituated using it but windows 8 has this button different position, so if you create shutdown button shortcut  for windows 8 you will get extra benefit of hales free shutdown your computer. You can simply make shutdown button shortcut using a very simple code. Create shutdown button shortcut icon in your desktop or in your start screen. You can also try this process for windows 8.1 and windows 10.

At first right click in your desktop then New > shortcut (Click) , then you will get a window here you will get a field for type , Continue reading

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