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Discution and solution of windows Xp operating syastem

On any computer platform, a good file browser is a integral part of a smooth user experience. Although Windows Explorer provides you with a lot of useful options to view, search and access your content, many power users require more than that to efficiently organize their files and folders, and quickly transfer their content between multiple folders. Explorer++ is a great portable and Continue reading

In so many situations, one needs to import contacts to Outlook from an Excel spreadsheet. Follow these simple steps to import contacts from an Excel Sheet in to Outlook 2010, the only pre-requisite is that your Excel sheet should be in the Comma Separated format.

Convert An Excel Sheet In To The CSV (Comma Separated Values) Format
Click the File Menu and choose the Save As option, browse and select the location to save the file, specify the name of the file and choose CSV from the Save as Type drop down box. Continue reading

Generally, there are multiple users in a home PC. So, limited users are used for security reason. It’s not possible to install any software in limited user nor is it possible to change a whole lot of thing. If you forget the password of administrative anyhow, you will be in serious problem. It might need to install a new operating system. In this case, if you are a limited user, you will be able to change the password of the administrative easily or can open a new user or use the present limited user as administrative. For this, open command prompt (Go to ‘run’. Press ‘Ctrl+R’. Write ‘cmd’ and press ‘enter’) and follow the following procedure. Continue reading

There are many way for password hacking of Windows. But, this is the useful and easiest policy. You need live operating system for hacking.

Boot your computer by XP Live CD or Slax Live CD.Now, go to the drive where the windows are installed and enter into the system32 folder of the windows and rename the file sethc.exe to sethcold.exe. Now, copy cmd.exe file and rename it to sethc.exe. Restart the computer. Pull out the live CD and enter to the previous windows. Press the ‘shift’ button five times that is the logon screen of the computer, then the command prompt will open. Continue reading