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Some important and common question for job-seekers, all this question are very common but most of the time we can’t give right answer because of the discretion , we will try to tell some of the most commonly asked questions and answers in the interview.
you take a little idea that you do not face a completely new question and do not get worried

Tell something about yourself.

Many people can not answer this question even though it sounds a simple question to hear this question. Whatever you say, do not say that: When you talk about yourself, everyone starts to call his name address. That should not actually be. Talk about your skills and achievements, feeling good and bad. Do not forget to describe your entire career or biodata. Point down a significant number of points from your carrier or biodata that prove you are eligible for this job. Outline the 2-3 important achievements of your life that you want to inform the interviewer. Then highlight how these achievements prove you are eligible for this job.

Where did the notice of our job?

This is a very common question, but by the answer you will be able to highlight the level of your interest. Tell us exactly how you know about job notifications. There is no need to say made by making. There may be something contrary to that. What is important is where you have learned about the circular from where you have said it, and why you applied the circular as soon as you applied it. Describe how you chose this job from thousands of jobs. Here also explain why you feel worthy of your job.

What do you know about our company?

If anyone wants to memorize 2-4 lines from the company’s website and can tell about the company. To separate yourself from anyone, you have to go a different way. That’s exactly what HuBu would say from the company’s website. Use the key points from here to know the purpose of the company and tell yourself like you are not memorized. And highlight how your personal goals meet with that objective objective.

Why do you want this job?

The company loves to work for appointing someone who will always want. The answers to this question must be given very seriously and will be considered an excellent answer. If you do not think of any such answer, you should understand that you are not interested in this job, you should apply for any other job. Here are some points you should identify why you are eligible for this job. For example, if you have applied for a position as a Customer Care Officer, you should always say that I always like to talk to people and help people solve problems. My communication skills are excellent. If you have applied for a school education, you should say that my ability to understand people is very good and my desire to help in the promotion of education is that your school will be able to give me a nice opportunity in this regard.

Why should you appoint us?

This question sounds too horrible to hear but if you have asked this question you are certainly lucky. Not every company offers a great opportunity to sell themselves and their own skills. Here you have to highlight three points about yourself: First of all, you will not only do a significant achievement; Secondly you are always ready to work in any type of team and environment; And thirdly, you are much more qualified for this job than anyone else.

Which is your professional specialty?

The answer to this question must be fair. Expose your true nature without considering what the interviewer wants to hear. Describe what your skills or specialties are required for this job. It could be the skill to persuade people, the ability to build relationships with people. After that you can use this skill to highlight what you have achieved in your professional life.

Which is your weakness?

Through this question the interviewer really wants to know how careful and honest you are about yourself. To answer this question, it is not right to say any weakness on the face like I can not work in time constraints. Again, it should not be said that I have no weakness, I can all. Think of such a weakness in which you are a little weak but constantly trying to win it and there has been a lot of improvement from before. For example, you do not feel comfortable talking to people before, but now you are present at regular conferences to spend these weaknesses and speak up on stage. From now on, you’ve been quite skilled now. But of course, think about what kind of conference you are talking about so that you do not push the return question.

What is the most important professional achievement in your life?

If you are a Fresher, you can describe the achievement of any academic or voluntary work related to this job, but professional means only the achievement of your job life. In this case it’s a great opportunity to express itself. If you are able to highlight your present job earnings, you will be able to get 80% ahead of getting a new job. Never hesitate to answer this question. Simply put out the achievements of your current and previous jobs. There may not be too much blame for yourself here.

There may be many challenges in the workplace or there may be trouble. Have a challenge in your life and how you have tackled it.

Through this question, your interviewer wants to solve your problem and check the skill to deal with the challenge. Many job candidates may feel efficient and fluent during the interview, but their face can be completely reversed when faced with problems or challenges. Many do not have the ability to work under pressure. You can describe how disagreements have been made with your colleague about answering this question or how it has been resolved, or how you handle it when the work amount doubled.

Where do you want to see yourself after 5 years from now?

Suppose you went to interview a bank’s management trainee. If you asked if you wanted to become a bank owner after 5 years of answering this question then it would be imaginary answer. Again, if you say that you want to be a university teacher after 5 years, it will be an assault on your feet, your job objective with the bank is no different. The interviewer will understand that you will not do this job for a long time. To answer this question, there must be compatibility between your dream and the reality of this job. The interviewee should be assured that you are thinking about your future sorting through this job. Here you can say that you want to be a branch manager of a bank after 5 years. If you go to a marketing related job interview, then you can say that you want to be the marketing head of a multinational company after 5 years. The answer must be relevant and realistic to the job.

What is your dream job ?

The question with the question is very similar to the previous question. The interviewee is trying to find out if this job is similar to the goals of your life. If you want to interview for the Call Center, you want to be a hero / singer or player or radio interviewer, do not give the interviewer any chance. If you really want to be a hero / singer or player or radio RJ, then it is not okay to apply for this job. To answer this question, you must talk about the dream job that is relevant to your job.

Which other company have you interviewed?

The main reason for this question is that the interviewee is trying to understand how serious you are about this job. Are you applying to all companies or companies interested in working in a particular sector. For example, if you went to the textile company to interview you should not have said that you have applied in some hospitals. The most rewarding answer to this question will be if you give your 2-1 skills and say that I apply to those jobs which are in my skill. For example, a computer engineer can say that since I was an IT specialist, a reputable company, I applied for IT related jobs.

Why do you want to leave your current job?

This is a complex question but you can be sure that if you are working nowhere, you have to answer this question. Try to say positive things in the answer to it, you will not have much to do with anything bad about your current company, but there may be something else. Try sorting the answer as if you think you are anxiously waiting for a new opportunity and the job that you have been interviewing for the job can give you the chance of your chance. It is best if you can positively mention a specific opportunity for this new job that is not in your previous job. For example, if you have the opportunity to increase your professional skills through training abroad that you do not have in your current job. Then you should say that through this training you want to make yourself more efficient at work.

What are you expecting from your new job?

There is no need to show creativity in response to this question. You must have read the circular properly before applying. Describe all the things that you are offering this job by yourself.

What kind of work environment do you like?

In response to this question, you have to leave some creativity. If you describe an environment that is not in the office, the interviewer will not be interested in giving you the opportunity. Try to understand the environment of that office and describe it. Try to tell negative aspects apart. It is normal that any office has some good and some bad aspects.

You have not been working for a long time, why?

If you have been irregular for any reason in the job, you must be prepared for this question. It is good to tell directly whether there is a family or a personal cause. Otherwise, you can talk about any significant voluntary activity or mental development activities you may have. You can tell if there is a job left for a relevant training. You can teach even if you are teaching. And lastly you have to mention that you are completely ready to return to the job.

Why do you want to change your job sector?

If you are not going to be interviewed for the job that you do not meet with your current job sector, then you must be sure to answer this question. If you really want to change the sector, you must have a logic behind it. Keep that argument beautifully. But it would be nice if you can show a link to your new sector with the new sector. Describe how you can use your old sector experience in a new sector in an effective way. Also highlight what you have achieved in the new sector to make yourself eligible.

How do you deal with complex situations?

Answer this question, try to understand that no matter how much pressure you are doing, you do not have to stop working. Then in a stressful situation, how do you share the work in a few categories, and seriously describe the deadline and end it.

How do you expect a salary?

This is an indefinite question of interview. To answer this question, you must take a good idea about the salary of that job. Many people think that the possibility of getting a job will increase if you want less money. It is a misconception, if you expect less salaries than conventional wages, the interviewer will think that you have no idea about the job. Get ideas about salary from different websites or friends or relatives working in the sector. After assuming the idea, mention the maximum pay, based on your experience, educational qualifications and skills. Explain to the interviewer that you understand the value of your eligibility, but since you are willing to do the job, you are interested in discussing the wages a little bit lower.

What do you like to do out of work?

The interviewer can often ask for personal questions. Typically, the interviewer tries to get an idea of ​​your personality through this kind of question. Whether you are able to adapt to the environment and people around you, depending on your personality. In response to this question, there is no rule that these traditional answers will be given “listen to music, garden and watch movies”. If you are comfortable with the retirement, then please describe it. If your leisure activities relate to your career, good or not, there is no harm.

What do you think would be better if our company?

It is very normal to encounter such questions. This is also a good opportunity to show your creativity. In response to this question, you can explain that not only did you know about company activities, but you also have new ideas. To answer this question you will not have to make a 4 year plan for the company. If the company goes further, what will be the quality of the customer service, think about the small ideas that can be added to the new facility. This will give you an idea of ​​how the interviewee can benefit you.

Do you have anything to know about us?

Interview does not mean that only you will be questioned and you will reply. You have the right to know about your future employer companies. It is very important to know where you are going to work, company, department and team. It must be judged whether the job is suitable for you. You can ask about the future goals of the company. See if your employer’s goals are consistent with your goals. You can do any of these logical questions in this opportunity.

It is not possible to guarantee that these questions will be done in the interview. Be prepared for any type of question. Again, it is not right to think that these answers can only get you a job. Interview questions and their acceptable answers will depend entirely on the interviewee’s personal preferences and employer’s company’s needs. But the above questions are usually asked in our country’s interview. The purpose of this writing was to help and answer his potentially fluent answers.

You can read this article if you want to know about job interview tricks, it is very important for a job-seeker.
Best wishes for all job seekers.

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