Controlling computer by ‘Log-me-in’

Controlling computer by Internet (Remote) has become very trendy now a day. Among the popular software’s, Team viewer is the trendiest. But, it is much easier to control a computer by log-me-in. The best thing of log-me-in is that, the person controlling the computer needn’t any software. It can be done through website. Only the software would have to be loaded in the client (Remote) computer. No hassle of having passwords every time.

For this, go to and register and download the software. Now, install the software in client (Remote) computer. Select Log-Me-In option while installing and the email and login password of the registered email will be needed. There should be internet connection while you install. If there is no password set in the present computer, you have to give access code to that computer while installing. It is necessary to access to the computer in future. The log-me-in software will start at the same time of starting the operating system and an icon will be in system tray. You can install the software in other computers the same way.
This software supports Mac operating system alongside windows.

Now, login to and click to ‘my computer’. The computers connected in the net will be shown online otherwise offline. Now, click to the computer you want to select and enter through local user and password. You can also enter by computer access code. You can chat with the user of that computer alongside controlling it.

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