In this Tropic I will show how to create  Mikrotik router VPN / PPTP

Any Mikrotik router will work.
License of router does not matter for PPTP.
Lets Start –
1. Login to router using WINBOX.
2. Go to IP —>POOL.

3. Click the plus symbol to add a new entry.
4. you can assign any name this new pool whatever you like but to make it simple I use VPN-pool, and set Address to the range you want it to hand out, on this one were using the address range to hand out the total range of Class C.
Hit Apply when done

5. Now close that window and go to PPP.
In PPP click the “PPTP Server” button and make sure Enabled is checked

6. In the PPP window click the “Profiles” tab.
& Click the plus sign to create a new entry
For Name i use VPN-profile but you can use anything. If you have teams of people you can create a different profile for etch team and if someone moves to a new position you just change the profile. instead of re-creating a pptp connection.
For “Local Address” AND “Remote address” set it to same pool, that you named your IP pool earlier. Mine is VPN-pool. We let the pool hand out local and remote because it’s easier and avoids any duplicate IP problems in future
Also set the DNS Servers, use whatever your Routers DNS is or if you don’t know just set it to Google’s (
press Apply button.

7. Now still in PPP windows click on the “Secrets” tab
click the plus sign to add a new one.
This is where you want to add your users.
All we need to do here is add a Name(desired username), password(desired password) and set the profile to the one you made earlier(mine is VPN-profile).
Thats it.

Now just use your normal VPN client to connect to your VPN server using the routers internet address.
forgot to add a firewall NAT rule to allow access to the internet from the pptp connection so you can surf the web while connected to the network.
Goto “IP” -> “FIREWALL” -> “NAT” and add a rule where it masquerades your private ips your setting up, set chain to srcnat set src-address to and action to masquerade.
That should give you internet access.
See Video Tutorial of  Mikrotik router VPN

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