Data Protection Manager 2010 installation [part-3]

11. Setup will first install SQL. It will last for about 20 minutes

12. After SQL is finished installing, DPM setup will proceed into installing Data Protection Manager 2010. It will last for approximately 10 minutes or less.

13. If everything is fine, you will see 3 green check marks. Click Close.

14. On desktop you will see two icons; one for DPM administrators console and other for DPM Management Shell. Double click on DPM administrators console shortcut and DPM will open as shown on following picture.

15. Now first thing you should do is to add disk to DPM storage pool. You can do that in management tab of DPM console.
But before that let’s see how to add disk to OS if you are using DPM in Hyper-V virtual machine.

16. Click on Settings for DPM virtual machine. Following window will open. Click on SCSI controller and then click Add to add Hard Drive.

17. Now click on that hard drive as shown in following picture. Create new virtual hard disk (.vhd) file by clicking New button. After clicking New, choose type of disk. In my case I have chosen fixed.

18. Window opens as shown here. Enter a name for new vhd and choose location where you’d like it to be stored. Click Next.

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