Delete Duplicates for Outlook 7.1


Delete Duplicates for Outlook 7.1 | 5.6 Mb
Delete Duplicates for Outlook enables you to delete duplicate e-mail messages from your Outlook mailboxes. It is a add-in, i.e. an auxiliary program that interfaces with Outlook, can operate in and on the Outlook environment.

• Fast detection and removal of duplicate messages, contacts, calendar items, tasks, journal entries and notes
• 3 major scanning methods – Compare messages by content (Standard), by part of the content (Special) or by the message-id’s (Light)
• Exclude/Include message headers from comparison / Compare headers by title and/or content
• Compare attachments and embedded files / Compare attachments and embedded files by name and/or content
• Originals Detection Rules
• Cross-mailbox scan – Compare for duplicates across several mailboxes
• Prioritize mailboxes – Decide where to keep the originals
• Filters will let you narrow and speed up the search
• Automatic action – Determine what to do with duplicates: Delete, Move, Wipe or Open
• Manual action – Display Results
• Support for Outlook versions: 2000/2/3/7/10
• Use of Regular Expression
• Stats – Track keyword occurrences inside duplicates
• Additional scanning options & optimizations
• Wizard-free, friendly & intuitive interface – Features mailboxes-tree panel & mailbox-information panel
• Background scanning
• Scan on Schedule Service
• Sequential mailbox access
• Unicode support

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