DHCP- (Dynamic host Control Protocol) Server Configuration.(Linux)

Basically DHCP server Distribute a fix IP range‘s IP to the client machine, If client machine have permission & he sent dynamically request then he will get a IP from DHCP server .DHCP necessary package is (dhcp).
For install DHCP give the blew command: rpm –ivh – -force – -aid dhcp*
Now go /user/share/doc/dhcp-3* and copy the file dhcpd.conf.sample and pest it into /ect directory as a name dhcpd.conf

[root@server1 root] # cd/user/share/doc/dhcp-3*
[root@server1 dhcp-3] # cp dhcpd.conf.sampe /etc/dhcpd.conf

Now we will edit the file by the below command:
[root@server1 root] # vi /etc/dhcpd.conf
Here we edit like as blew :

ddns-update-style none; (here we place none in the replace of intraim)
subnet network {
# default gateway
option routers                      ;
option subnetmask               ;
option domain name                      “itjagat.com” ;
option domain-name-servers
option time offset 1800 (here remove – sign before 1800) |

If have DNS , NISDOMAIN service then we will mansion it, otherwise by the “#” symbol we will give a comment.
Now we will fix IP range.
#range configuration DHCP

After fixing the range we will save the file and exit. Now we have to do DHCP service start.
[root@server1 root] # service dhcpd start
[root@server1 root] # service dhcpd on

Step4: now use blew command for get DHCP service from client machine.
[root@small root] #netconfig
select [*] IP address automatically
[root@small root] # service network restart

Now use ifconfig command for see IP address.
Command :
[root@small root] # ifconfig

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