Dump Truck Offers 5GB Free Cloud Storage On PC, Mac, Android, iOS & Web

Even though the names Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive etc. have become synonymous with cloud storage, this doesn’t stop new entrants from jumping onto the bandwagon. After being left impressed by the feature set of Maxxo, the unlimited space options of Bitcasa, and the ease in setting up your own cloud offered by Syncbox, we came across Dump Truck – an intuitive and user-friendly cloud storage service that offers up to 500GB worth of space! It is the brainchild of Golden Frog – a major IT firm with an already large online presence in internet services and applications solutions like VyprVPN. Dump Truck offers free as well as paid cloud subscriptions starting at as low as $4.99/month for 50GB, while free accounts get 5GB of space to start with.

Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive users will instantly get the gist of how Dump Truck works. Upon installation, the application launches an easy-to-configure setup wizard that lets you sign up for a new Dump Truck account by entering the required credentials.


Akin to other widely popular cloud solutions, the service allows you to link multiple devices to your Dump Truck account. You can specify a custom name of the device during the setup process as well, which in turn registers the device with your account. You can also unlink existing devices at any time from the Preferences console, but more on that later.


Once configured, Dump Truck sits quietly in the system tray. A Dump Truck folder is also created on your machine so you may easily synchronize your files by simply dropping them into it. Moreover, the folder shortcut can be found under the Favorites section of the navigation pane in Windows Explorer for quick access. Any files and directories inside this folder are kept in sync with your Dump Truck cloud storage, much like other services we’re already familiar with.


Speaking of synchronization, it’s pretty fast, to say the least. The app instantly displays a notification bubble when an item is en route to the cloud.


The Preferences window is pretty short on configuration settings though, and is only as useful for unlinking the current device from your Dump Truck account, and toggling some generic options. You can set Dump Truck to launch on computer startup, toggle desktop notifications, and set the app to send crash reports and usages statistics to Golden Frog.

A major benefit of any cloud service is the ability to access your files from the web using any device, anywhere. Thankfully, Dump Truck is no exception in this case. The web app looks pretty simple on the surface, but offers all the features most of us would usually need. You can upload new files, create custom folders, add files to favorites list, or share any item with your friends.

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