Easy Touch can be summoned from anywhere within Android – especially useful in full-screen apps – by tapping a floating on-screen trigger, which seems to have been inspired from the AssistiveTouch feature of iOS.
In this case, however, the floating trigger/button is designed to reflect the real-time memory consumption of your Android device. Tapping the trigger reveals an overlay panel, complete with your favorite system toggles, app & contact shortcuts, statistics pertaining to the current memory consumption & number of active processes, and the 1-tap memory optimizer button. As mentioned earlier, the toggles, switches and shortcuts on this panel can be set according to your preferences.dsf
Barring the Wi-Fi, mobile data, sound profile, brightness, and GPS toggles, you can tinker with all other contents of the panel by entering the editing mode. For this, hit the edit button at the top-right of the panel. Tapping the ‘Add’ button offers you three choices, using which you can add quick toggles, contact shortcuts and apps to the panel. Apart from the aforementioned power toggles, you have the following choices at your disposal:

Automatic sync
Airplane mode
Automatic screen rotation
1-tap screen lock
In addition, you can pick as many apps for the panel as required, and also select desired contacts you wish to call, text or mail with just a tap, all from the panel itself. There is no limit on the number of items that can be added to the panel.
By tapping the settings button at the top-right of the panel, you can turn off the floating trigger of Easy Touch, set the app to be available from your home screen only, or hide the memory consumption percentage display from the trigger itself. Tapping the Assistive Touch icon on your Android device’s app drawer lets you enable/disable the app, and adjust the opacity level as well as size of the Easy Touch trigger.

Easy Touch is available in the Play Store for free and can be downloaded via the link provided below.

Download Easy Touch For Android Free


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