Getting Started with JavaScript Programming


Getting Started with javascript Programming
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javascript is a powerful scripting language that allows you to create dynamic websites. Fortunately, it is also easy to learn, as you’ll see in this workshop from web developer and trainer Joe Chellman. After a quick exploration of the basics, Joe walks you through a series of real-world examples that show how javascript is used in actual web pages to create interactivity, move data between web applications, power mobile apps, and more. You’ll also be introduced to jQuery, a hugely popular programming framework that adds some great features to javascript, and get tips on avoiding common coding problems. There’s never been an easier way to get started programming with javascript.
In this course you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming with javascript. The contents of this course include:
Introduction to javascript
This chapter introduces javascript and the various pieces of software we’ll be using as we explore how to use the language.
Using javascript In Actual Pages
javascript can be used in nearly any programming context, but by far the most popular is in a web browser. This chapter will provide an overview of the essential aspects of using javascript in that context.

Introducing jQuery
jQuery is a fairly large, and extremely popular, javascript library that eliminates a lot of the drudgery of working with javascript on the web. This chapter will introduce jQuery and demonstrate some of the ways it can make your javascript life more pleasant.
javascript Examples
This chapter includes numerous examples of how javascript can be used to execute real-world ideas. Some examples use pure javascript, others include jQuery, and all of them are small enough to understand but useful enough to appear in actual projects.
Debugging javascript
Debugging is an essential skill that every programmer, of any skill level, needs to learn. This chapter explores how to find and fix problems in javascript code using the built-in tools, including both relatively simple console logging and the more powerful but complex debugger.
Pretty Good Practices
javascript can run in a variety of environments, with different best practices depending on the exact context in which it is running. In this chapter, we’ll look at several practices that should be relatively easy to follow while paying nice dividends in terms of headache avoidance.

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