Google Adsense High Paying KeywordGoogle Adsense is one of the largest and reliable monetizing networks today for your blog or website. Google Adsense start his journey from 2003 & rapidly become most popular monetizing networks over other. If a sufficient amount of traffic to your blog you can apply for Google Adsense permission for your blog or website. After getting permission you can make a healthy income through Google Adsense high paying keyword. Generally all those high paying keywords means whose CPC (click per cost) rate is high. Now question, how to show high rate CPM Ad on my article; the answer is Google Adsense algorithm is very smart, according to the density of keywords in your posts google send to Ad on your post. If you write a article following high paying keyword then high CPC (click per cost) ad will show on your blog. If the text in your post is related to Mikrotik router, then Google Adsense will appear Mikrotk router related Ad.
Now Question; what is the benefit of using Google Adsense high paying keyword?
Suppose you wrote the article with a normal keyword, then those Ad to show that the article it will be lower CPC rates like more or less $.05 and suppose per day Ad click 50, so at the end of the day your total income will be 50*$.05=$2.5 it is not enough good for a blogger and I think you will not happy. But if you write the article using Google Adsense high paying keyword then Ad will appear according to keyword, that will be high CPM (click per cost) like more or less $4 and then your income will goes according to 50 click And per day 50*$4=$200 /day that is not satisfactory for a blogger?
However you can use other monetizing networks along with Adsense such as BuySellads (best impression based advertising network), InfiLinks.

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