How to Create New Category Folder in SCCM Configmgr 2012 Reports

Configuration Manager 2007 gives you an option to create New folder (kind of Custom reports folder ) with New Category to create your Own reports what you required But in Configuration Manager 2012,i don’t see way to create New folder to create all the custom reports for your reference.
Creation of Custom folder is not available in configuration Manager 2012 ,the only option left out is to go with Category .
How do you create New Citatory ? If you right click on reports node from Configuration Console,you don’t get such option to create one.
You will have to go with web reports with enough rights to create it.

Open IE with SSRS report manager website : http://SCCMServername/reports

image_thumb10Click on the Report Folder (Configmgr_Sitecode)

Click on New Folder which is actually a Category to create reports underneath.
give A Name what you would like with some Description and click ok

the custom category what we created You see it below :image_thumb13
Now open the Console and go to monitoring node—>reporting–>reports

Now we can create our Custom reports in Custom Folder But how ? you don’t get an option to create new report under Custom Category.
Right click on reports node and select Create Report

Enter the right name for the report and then select the path where you want to store the report under ?


image_thumb17 image_thumb18 image_thumb19
Once you are finished with the report,you will be prompted with Report Builder to enter the SQL query and more customizations.

Hope it Helps!

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