Install an Enterprise Root CA on Server 2008R2

Install an Enterprise Root CA on DC1 to Provide Digital Certificates for Domain Member Computers.
DC1 as Server Name.

To Install an Enterprise Root CA on DC1

1. In the console tree of Server Manager, click Roles.
2. Under Roles Summary, click Add roles, and then click Next.
3. On the Select Server Roles page, click Active Directory Certificate Services, and then click Next twice.
4. On the Role Services page, click Next.
5. On the Setup Type page, click Enterprise, and then click Next.
6. On the CA Type page, click Root CA, and then click Next.
7. On the Private Key page, click Create a new private key, and then click Next.
8. On the Cryptography page, click Next.
9. On the CA Name page, click Next.
10. On the Validity Period page, click Next.
11. On the Certificate Database page, click Next.
12. On the Confirm Installation Selections page, click Install.
13. On the Results page, click Close.

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