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Everyone has to give an interview to get jobs. However, for example, an interview is taken in order to see your interest and skills in professional matters, as well as an HR (Human Resources) interview for you to know about other things. Sanjida Sultana writes in this post what kind of questions are asked in this interview and how they can be answered.

Most career experts believe, answering all difficult questions related to three or four people in college or university campus can be an easy way to get appointment letters. Or you can get a job if you can answer some common knowledge questions in a media house or any other private office interview. But in reality it is possible? The answer will be, no. Because, almost every nominee company has ‘HR’ (Human Resource) or Human Resources Development Division. The entire responsibility of securing the job of an employee falls on this department. So during recruitment, this department takes an interview, which is called ‘HR interview’. First of all, the question of this interview is totally different, with which you will not be very naturally related to your own subject. One of the prerequisites for job-completion jobs in this interview. Some common questions and answers in this interview are highlighted in this article.

Say something about yourself (Tale As Something About Yourself or Describe Yourself)

Answer to this question is the mistake that everybody has done, where he studied, what he likes to eat or read, etc., waste time with information. In fact, what you mean about yourself is not about your preferences or dislikes, but rather what kind of job profile you prefer (but you must give priority to those who have interviewed for the post), or what topics you have studied with, on the profile The exact answer to this question is why you applied for work, why are you eligible for that profile? In simple terms, the interviewer or the buyer who wants to buy, you have to sell the same. When trying to interview, try to ensure that the interviewer is equally involved with you. You will have an idea about his likes and dislikes, needs.
Do you have any idea about this field? (Do you have an idea about our field?)

If you have a clear idea then tell it directly. If you do not have to, say very politely, listen to everything you know, and you’re curious to know about this field in detail. But it does not happen that you did not know about that field at all, but very cleverly said, if you have the idea, then you will be in danger if you Because, the next question will definitely be, ‘What do you know?’ At the end, all your mistakes have ended. So keep in mind, the ropes are very tricky.

What are your most powerful and weak points? (What and our Greatest Strength and Weekn?)

But before you give any interview, you need to prepare the necessary preparations to answer this question. Recently you have a list of what is constructive, and will tell them timely. As mentioned earlier, you must first be informed of the interviewee’s mentality and demand. If that happens then you can easily answer the question. Some of your ‘Strength’ may come in strong direction, intelligence, integrity, acquaintance with corporate culture, skill to combine with everyone, senses of humor, good communication skills, seriousness in any work, debriefing etc. You will see a lot of good qualities in such a thousand times. But if you or your appropriation match these words, then understand that these qualities will only be said. Because, maybe you told yourself honestly, but could not give an example of your honesty. But you can prove to be liars. Therefore, answer carefully. Again, in case of vulnerability, highlight those that are not barriers to the interview job. Do not go to more explanation. Because Strength or WIKNESS is two words that, in the case of one’s case, its stranglehold, it can be wikened to anyone else.

Why do you want to work in this company? Is there any special reason behind this? (Why Do You Want to Work In Our Company?)

The first thing you have to do is keep a small research about the company’s work and reputations. You will have to get detailed information about your own profile in advance. And if you keep preparing these preparations beforehand, then you have nothing to answer to this question. To know about the company, it is necessary to keep the company’s annual report, corporate newsletters, advertisements, company articles on the subject beforehand.

Five years later, where do you want to see yourself? (Why Do You Get Yourself Five Years From?)

The meaning of this question is, ask the interviewer whether you are willing to work in the company for a long time! So you can understand that according to the situation, you have to answer. You should say that you are mindful of the profile you are nominating for. And if you work well then success will come. But the interviewer does not think that you have no ambition. In addition, you can say that you want to see yourself as a successful worker. There is no specific definition of this ‘successful’ statement. So by saying such a thing, you can satisfy the person on the opposite side.

Have you read a good book recently? (What Good Books Have You Red Lately?)

You can face this question in any type of job interview. In fact, you have questions about whether you have interest in other matters as well as other things. If you have a habit of reading a book, if you do not have it, tell any other topic of your choice.

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