Mikrotik Router ConfigurationTutorial [Part-০1]

What is Mikrotik?
Mikrotik is a brand name. It’s a Linux operated Router operating system. You can turn your PC to a Mikrotik Router with this Router operating system. Also, a various model of Mikrotik Router Board is available in the market. Like; RouterBOARD450, RouterBOARD450G, RouterBOARD750GL, RouterBOARD RB1100AH.

What is Mikrotik Router?
Mikrotik Router is an intelligent Router. All the works of a general Router can be done by a Mikrotik Router. But, alongside this, due to some features in Mikrotik, network administrative work can also be done by it.

Features of Mikrotik Router:

1. Can be configured as DHCP server. As a normal Broadband Router works.
2. All the IP’s of the network can be controlled by Bandwidth. Even, Bandwidth of various services can be controlled without any IP. i.e; Mail Bandwidth, Ping Bandwidth, Voice Bandwidth etc.
3. Can be configured as Web proxy. Different websites can be blocked by it.
4. Load Balance/Bandwidth Marge can be done to use Internet connection of several ISP’s together.
5. Auto Redundancy can be done within multiple connection of one ISP. (If one is down automatically another one is up).
6. Can be configured as PPPOE server. Broadband Dialer Internet service can be given by it.
7. Can be configured as PPPOE client. BTCL and other Broadband Internet services can be used.

8. Internet service of USB wimax modem, USB mobile modem is getable with some categorically modeled Mikrotik Router.

9. Can be configured as VPN server and VPN client.

10. Advance firewall can be configured.

11. Also, a lot variety of features.

Before Operation: Should have good knowledge in basic networking, IP Address, IP Class, Subnet and Subnet Musk.

First, we will know, how a Mikrotik Router is configured for general use. I have used an RB 450g model Mikrotik Router here.
Windbox software is used to configure Mikrotik Router into graphical mode. At primary stage, Mikrotik Router (RouterBOARD) is configured in DHCP server mode by default. So, we have to reset the Mikrotik Router first.

1. Download the Winbox software first. No need to install. Click directly to winbox.

2. Now, switch on the Mikrotik Router and connect to LAN port of your PC with Straight cable to any ether port.

3. Then click to …icon beside connect to box of winbox. An IP Address and an MAC Address will show here. Click to MAC Address, type ‘admin’ as login and then click to connect. No need to give password

4. Now, we will reset the Mikrotik Router. For this, click to New Terminal. Now, type “system reset” and Press Enter. Press Y for Confirm. Router reset process will start and winbox will be disconnected. LAN of your PC will show unplugged. When LAN will show connected again, Login to Mikrotik with winbox as the previous way. A window will show in front of you after login. Click to ‘Remove Configuration’ here. The router will disconnect again. Login as previous process.

5. The Mikrotik Router is completely in zero configurations now. Now, we will configure the router basically to make useful

6. Entry IP Addresses of IP address, Subnet mask, gateway, DNS server given from the ISP. Will entry a Private IP address block for personal use.
7. First, click IP>Address from Menu. Then click + (add) icon when the window is open. We will entry one IP address, subnet mask, gateway address and DNS server address for example.


Entry your IP address with subnet mask in Address field. Apply>Ok by selecting ether1 (or any ether) in the field of Interface.

8. Click to IP>Routes> + (add) to add Gateway Address. Type your Gateway Address in the field of Gateway. Then, Apply>Ok.


9. Now, its time to add address of DNS server. Click to IP>DNS for it. Click to Setting from here. Now, enter your one or more DNS Address. And Click Apply>Ok.


Now, ping your Gateway and DNS Server from New Terminal. If you get reply, then your configure for WAN Side is ok. Otherwise, contact to your Uplink Provider.

We will start LAN Side configure now. Click to IP>Address>+(add) button for this first. Then, entry a IP block ( for your own network. Choose an ether from Interface list. Like ether5, its notable here is that, we have to select any ether rather than the ether in which we have entered the Real IP first.

Now, come to IP>Firewall. Click to NAT Tab from Firewall window. First, Click to +(add) button, Type the whole block ( of your Private IP here in the field of Chain:scrnat and Scr Address. Then, go to Advance Tab and Apply>Ok by selecting Action=Masquerade.

Oh! Great, the basic configuration of your Mikrotik Router is done. Now, use IP’s,, cyclically in the remaining PC’s of your network. The Gateway IP for the PC’s will be in this case.

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