Generally, there are multiple users in a home PC. So, limited users are used for security reason. It’s not possible to install any software in limited user nor is it possible to change a whole lot of thing. If you forget the password of administrative anyhow, you will be in serious problem. It might need to install a new operating system. In this case, if you are a limited user, you will be able to change the password of the administrative easily or can open a new user or use the present limited user as administrative. For this, open command prompt (Go to ‘run’. Press ‘Ctrl+R’. Write ‘cmd’ and press ‘enter’) and follow the following procedure.

Write cd\ and press ‘enter’,
Write c: and ‘enter’,
Write cd windows\system32 and ‘enter
Write copy logon.scr logon.old and press ‘enter
Write copy cmd.exe logon.scr and press ‘enter

Also, enter to the system32 folder of the windows, rename the file sethc.exe and again rename the cmd.exe file to sethc.exe. Now, restart the computer and without logging on, press the ‘shift’ key for five times to open command prompt.
Now, write ‘net user administrator 2007’ to change the password of the administrator and the new password will be 2007.

If you want to open a new user without changing the password, then write ‘net user mehdi/add’ and press ‘enter’. A new user named mehdi will be created.

Now, to use mehdi as administrator, write net local group administrator mehdi/add and press ‘enter’. So, your present user (mehdi) can be used as administrator.

Alike, you can use any presently used limited user as administrator.

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