On any computer platform, a good file browser is a integral part of a smooth user experience. Although Windows Explorer provides you with a lot of useful options to view, search and access your content, many power users require more than that to efficiently organize their files and folders, and quickly transfer their content between multiple folders. Explorer++ is a great portable and Erectiepil de tuinen

Windows Uninstaller makes use of the default uninstallation utility. The advantage of Windows Uninstaller over the default utility is the fact that you don’t have to open the Programs and Features dialog box and look for the application through the list. Once you install the app, the Uninstall button is automatically added to the context menu of executable files. For instance if you are browsing through the Program Files folders and come across an unwanted application, you can just right-click its executable file and select the Uninstall option.

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We have heard the name of Email Client. Many use Email Clients like, Outlook, Eudora, and Thunderbird. Mails with pop are downloaded from web mail through mail client and come to mail client, so it is possible to read or save emails without internet. But, the problem is that, the web mails are downloaded in mail client, so they are not stored in web mail, nor can be read from anywhere. Though, G-mail has pop along with the option of mail copy online. Continue reading

Although Windows 8 is designed to run Modern UI apps, the majority of us still spend most of our time using the desktop mode. One thing that you might have noticed is the few seconds of delay before Windows launches any desktop applications that are set to run at Windows startup. This includes desktop-related system utilities, items in the Startup folder, and apps that add a registry key for launching at startup. Microsoft hasn’t stated any clear reason behind this delay, but it looks like this mechanism was implemented to let the Modern UI part load first before letting Windows start desktop-exclusive services or apps. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a way to minimize this delay, there is a simple registry hack for that. Viagra sex

Some of us consume internet sparingly, while others stream high definition content or download huge torrents every other night. Most internet service providers put monthly data caps on their internet plans, so your subscription automatically gets locked when the data limit is reached. If you want to keep an eye on your internet data usage on a Windows 8 or RT computer, Network Usage is here to help. It’s a Modern UI app that lets you monitor the amount of data sent and received by your network device. It’s fairly simple to use, and the intuitive, touch-friendly UI makes it suitable for tablets as well. Continue reading

Microsoft’s foray into the world of touch-based devices began a long time ago with Windows Mobile and Windows for Tablet PCs even before iOS and Android existed. Though after failing to compete with these new platforms, Microsoft decided to give Windows a whole new direction, resulting in the creation of Windows 8 based on the tile-based interface first introduced in Windows Phone 7. For devices equipped with touch screen and stylus input, Windows 8 and RT offers Pen and Touch options options in the Control Panel to tweak settings for pen and touch input on the devices. In this post, we will give an explanation of each setting for touch-based devices offered by Windows 8/RT, and guide you on how to change it to your advantage. Do note that pen options will not be available if your device doesn’t come with a pen/stylus. Continue reading

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