SELECT ABS(-15) “Absolute” FROM DUAL;


select ceil(268651.1) from dual;
SELECT ROUND(15.193,2) “Round” FROM DUAL;
SELECT MOD(11,4) “Modulus” FROM DUAL;
SELECT TRUNC(15.79,1) “Truncate” from dual;

SELECT ceil(15.197) “ceil”,FLOOR(15.197)”FLOOR”, ROUND(15.197,2) “Round”,MOD(15.197,2) “Modulus” ,TRUNC(15.197,2) “Truncate” FROM DUAL;

With SharePoint 2013, User Profile Synchronization has got something real cool and new, well actually the feature used to exist within MOSS 2007 J . Good old connection back to your AD to import users without any of the around the bush, lets fool FIM requirements. This import was just perfect and it always worked. If I had a dollar for every customer that I have come across on SharePoint 2010 complaining about User Profile Synchronization, nothing I would still be here doing SharePoint 2013. Continue reading

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