Internet Explorer 10 is available worldwide in 95 languages for download. Auto updating Windows 7 customers to IE10 in the weeks ahead, starting now with customers running the IE10 Release Preview. With this final release, IE10 brings the same leading standards support, with improved performance, security, privacy, reliability that we enjoy on Windows 8, to Windows 7.

20% faster for real world Web sites


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Edit the file /etc/login.defs to specify password expiration settings for new accounts.Add or correct the following lines:

For each existing human user USER , modify the current expiration settings to match these:
# chage -M 60 -m 7 -W 7 USER

Users should be forced to change their passwords, in order to decrease the utility of compromised passwords. However, the need to change passwords often should be balanced against the risk that users will reuse or write down passwords if forced to change them too often. Forcing password changes every 90-360 days, depending on the environment, is recommended. Set the appropriate value as PASS MAX DAYS and apply it to existing accounts with the -M flag.
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The services of Yandex.Store are already available in a number of countries where you can easily purchase apps and games using your credit card or via cell phone bill payments. For those worried about the security of the apps featured on the store, all apps are verified by the trusted services of Kaspersky before making it to Yandex.Store.
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Everything You Need In Android Anti-Theft & Remote Management Tool

The Play Store, TheftSpy (Alpha) is a multipurpose Android tool offering web-based remote management, location tracking and anti-theft features. Besides offering services like remote contact list, call logs & message inbox access, location tracking via GPS, data wiping, device locking, and system rebooting & shutting down, the app brings several relatively new features to the table, such as the option to remotely take device screenshots, snap images via front-facing camera, push custom text messages as full-screen pop-up alerts, toast messages or as Text-To-Speech (TTS), encrypt entire mobile content, read & delete WhatsApp messages, secretly record audio via your device’s microphone and lots more, all from your desktop web browser.


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Dual-pane file managers for Android have been around for a while, and so have others that let you access root level system files. Both these elements offered in one single app for free however, is a rarity that UNCOPT File Browser aims to offer. To build on that, the app sports fantastic aesthetics with a dark Holo theme, along with the ability of browsing the contents of compressed files like any other folder, support for plugins and much more. Let’s take a look at what makes UNCOPT File browser a worthy opponent to most Android file managers out there.

For system level/root access, a rooted device is required, obviously. Though the app will still work as a conventional file manager even if your device isn’t rooted.


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Custom Vibration patterns for a ringing phone is not the latest innovation around on Android, and it has been available in a few custom ROMs for quite a while. Custom vibration patterns for individual contacts can be helpful in identifying the caller without even having to take the phone out of your pocket, especially when you’re in a meeting or driving. Installing a custom ROM merely to gain this feature on the phone would simply be overkill. Enter, Vybe – Custom Vibrations, a new app with an equally fresh interface that is intuitive and simple to use for anyone, and allows you to define and manage custom vibration patterns. Let’s take a look what the app has to offer and how well it fares, after the jump.

Just one look, and you’ll see how polished and beautiful the UI of this app looks. There are no complicated settings, and every function is well laid out on the main screen. To record a custom vibration pattern, simply hit the obvious ‘Record’ button and tap the volume-like dial to record the input. Like a heartbeat monitor, the app will draw your input as a waveform graph. While it does so with some decent accuracy, it doesn’t really serve much purpose other than identifying the aptly named Vybration you want to load after it’s been saved – something unnerving if you have around 10 or more patterns.


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