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Microsoft Outlook Email List BackUp Software exports all email addresses from Microsoft Outlook email client Software. Outlook Email List BackUp Software have various and filters capabilities to exports Valid Email Addresses from all or selected mail folders such as (INBOX, SENT ITEMs, Contacts, Drafts etc.) and from all configured email accounts/outlook profiles in Microsoft Outlook mail Client Software.

Outlook Email Address List BackUp Software allows users to select only email folders to extract email addresses. This software have various options for filtering email addresses extracted from Microsoft Outlook email client. Through Filters you would be able to get email addresses list that you want, not all available in the Outlook Profile.

Outlook Email List BackUp Software can export email addresses in various file formats as COMMA SEPARATED (.CSV), New Line Delimited & TAB Delimited can be open in NOTEPAD.

Key Features
Microsoft Outlook Email List BackUp Software exports a list of all emails from Microsoft Outlook Mail Client Software.
Allows you to extract email addresses from All Or selected email accounts/Mail folders from Microsoft Outlook.
All Available Filters helps you to exports only email addresses you want to see in emails list.
Outlook Email List BackUp is best software to have emails back up from Microsoft Outlook Mail Client Software.Easy, Simple GUI and Compatible with Outlook 2007 or earlier versions of Microsoft Outlook.

How to install the program :
Outlook Email List BackUp
– unrar the torrent with winrar after download
– now run outlook-email-address-export to install the program
– after the installation finish, you can run the program
– go to help and select activate license
– then use the code below to register
Code : inside the code text file.

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