Print Over Internet in any printer any Location

The world is at our grip due to the invention of Internet. You can print to any printer in the world you wish. So, the complexity of fax can be minimized. For this, there should be printer sharing software and internet connection in both the computers. Download and install a freeware software From here  only 1.44 megabyte, which has Windows with Mac and competent for Linux platform,  . A printer share account will appear after installation. If you have accounts created earlier, then select ‘I already have account in PrintShare Network’ and login. Or, if you want to open a new account, select ‘Create new PrintShare Account’ and press ‘next’. Now, fill all the information and press ‘next’ and ‘finish’. A printer named ‘PrinterShare’ will be added to your computer. Also, user name and password will be sent to your mail account.

Setting the Printer: Start the software. Login with password if asked and remember the password (for your help). Go to settings from tools menu and give tick mark to ‘Start with windows’ from general tab. The software will begin at the start of the windows. Now, if you select ‘Print without questions’ in sharing tab (if anyone prints), documents will be printed, without your concern, in your printer. If ‘Print Coverpage’ is not selected from Coverpage tab, then the excess coverpage will not be printed. OK at last.

Sharing the Printer: If you want to share any printer of your computer, click to the share button after selecting the particular printer from PrinterShare.

Adding a printer: If you want to connect any remote printer, then click to ‘Find Printer’ from ‘PrinterShare’. Now, write the projected ID in User ID, click to ‘Find’ and search. You can search in other ways. Now, select the desired printer and press OK. Whether, the status of your connected printer is ‘online’ or ‘offline’ will be shown.

Printing: Give the command ‘print’ to normally print any file and select the PrintShare printer from Print Dialogue Box and press ‘Ok”. Now, chose a printer from the dialogue box ‘PrinterShare@ Select Printer and press ‘OK’. The documents will be printed.

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