It’s very hazardous to share large sized files through Internet. First, you have to upload files in various free hosting sites and give link to download, if you want to send a large sized file to anyone. But, with the help of G Bridge, you can share your computer folder through the Internet very easily. So, you can avoid the hazard of uploading large files. The receiver can download folder or files from your computer as like pear to pear network. For this, both will have to have G-mail and G Bridge account in common. You can download this 2.02 MB free software from Here DOWNLOAD

Now, install the software and login to G Bridge by G-mail ID. You can invite any G-mail user by clicking on the button ‘Invite Friend’. If any G-mail user is online will be known. If you want to chat with someone, click on that ID with mouse and again click to ‘chat’. You will be able to chat normally from chatting window.

Sharing a folder: You can share any folder of your computer to any particular user or to all. Click to ‘Create Secure Share’ button for this. Now, select the folder you want to share and click ‘OK’. If you want to share some particular users, then select them. Or, check ‘Allowed’ to share all the saved users. If you want to share any user that would be added in the future, then select ‘Allow all friends (include future new friends)’. Click ‘Ok’ and also ‘Ok’ the next message. If you select any user in advance, a new message will appear whether they would be invited to see that folder. Those users will get notification after completing ‘Yes Send Now’ or if you click ‘No’ the shares will be activated normally and the shared folder will open as a web link in default browser. Now, if you want to give link of the shared folder to any particular user, then click on that user and also click ‘chat’. Click to ‘Send Share Link’ button from the chatting window. The link will be sent as ‘chatting message’ if you click to the upper original page or the shared folder below. That particular user will be able to see or download the information of the shared folder liberally after receiving your link.

Sharing Desktop: Send a message to the chatting ID of any G Bridge user if you want to share and see the desktop of any particular user on your desktop. Now, if that user clicks to ‘Send Desktop Share Invitation’ from chatting window, you will receive invitation. You will be able to see the desktop of that user by accepting the invitation. You also can control it.

Also, network bandwidth can be selected from options. To site out from G Bridge and to logout, click ‘Switch User or Change Login setting’ from Logoff menu.

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