To protect yourself from cyber attacks.

Stalking personal information and pictures using the Internet, harassing and blackmailing is happening at the time. With the rise of the Internet, these crimes have increased. Many are using the Internet for the purpose of defying someone’s social status, or socializing others. And due to the slight Undesirable, Many common Internet users are being harmed.

In this era of globalization, It’s hard to find such people who are not familiar with computers and others smart devices. Today, due to the expansion of technology, now the common people is accustomed to using the Internet, especially social media. But along with the good side of everything the evil that is in it, that’s do not wait to say. If someone uses technology to make innovation, by providing safety, it must be a blessing for nation, abuse of any form of technology is a crime. By doing so, the use of digital technology is involved in criminal activities in cyber space, it is said to be cyber crime. 

Every moment, someone is searching information on the internet. Going to search, on many websites you have to give Unknowingly personal e-mail address, name, phone number, occupation, location etc. It is being saved on any server. If the server is infected with virus or malware attack, then the security of that personal information comes under threat. Cyber-crime is happening in many ways – “Usually identity theft and abuse of personal information, Cyber-bullying, Internet Fraud, ATM Fraud, Wire Fraud, File Sharing and Piracy, Pornography, Spamming, Account Hacking, Virus, DOS Attack

If to stay safe on the internet have to careful about some things. To protect your account in social media, you need to enter complex words. Think before you click on a link. Your password can not be shared with others. Stay away from the public WiFi use as far as possible. Because hackers can take control of the devices under the same network.

Before or after the wedding, Whether you have relationships or not – No such photograph should ever be taken or shared, that Seeing a third person may cause problems.

Deleting the picture 100 times, it is possible to recover, so please refrain from taking sensitive pictures. Refrain from selling your used old phone. Do not exchange any personalized photos in Facebook or Emo. If you already shared between them, then delete the entire convergence. Because if your account is hacked then others will be in danger. If you want to fix the problem of your phone, stay close to Mechanic until it’s okay. Avoid exchange of dollars / pounds from online, before you buy a product from online, check it out well.

Cyber-crime, online blackmail, threat of spreading photos to online, quickly report to the nearest police station.’Be aware of the internet as much as possible’