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We have heard the name of Email Client. Many use Email Clients like, Outlook, Eudora, and Thunderbird. Mails with pop are downloaded from web mail through mail client and come to mail client, so it is possible to read or save emails without internet. But, the problem is that, the web mails are downloaded in mail client, so they are not stored in web mail, nor can be read from anywhere. Though, G-mail has pop along with the option of mail copy online. So, the G-mail users can get the same facility by G-mail offline using other mail client activating pop. Actually, it has given G-mail connection between online and offline. To use G-mail offline, you have to install Google gear. For this, download Google gear from HERE and install. Now, open G-mail, go to Labs tab from settings. Select ‘Enable’ button of offline, click to ‘Save changes’ and save. After saving and loading G-mail effectively, click to Offline0.2 at the top right. A dialogue box named ‘Install offline access for G-mail’ will appear, click ‘next’ (If a dialogue box named ‘Gears Security Warning’ appears, check ‘I trust this site’ and click to ‘Allow’ button). Select ‘shortcuts’ and press ‘OK’, the download will start (Finishing offline installation and later synchronizing…). It, usually, is saved in Local Settings\Application Data of the user. Finally, click to ‘Go into Flaky Connection Mode’.

Later, you can read, write and save mails by clicking on the ‘created shortcut’ or from the site The information’s of different users can be kept offline in the same computer and browser in this way. Even a single account can be kept offline in different computers. It’s great if used in a portable fire fox, can be carried wishfully (wrote in a CD). No problem if the operating system is changed or newly installed. G-mail offline, normally supports Windows (XP+), MAC and in Linux Internet Explorer 6+, Fire fox 1.5+ and Safari. Besides, all the information’s can be found from the official blog of G-mail

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