What is Project Management ?

(Lifestyle – We always take some projects to increase the scope of business. We call project work once we have a time limit for doing that work. Each project has a specific goal, for example: a software will be released in the next six months, a bridge will be completed in the next three years, the order of the garment will be delivered on next month, etc. That is, when we are given the responsibility to achieve a goal in any given time, we can finish it as we can or even finish it very well. In fact, project management is the right application of our knowledge, experience, methods and tools to reach the target of project.

Why project management need?
If you manage a project in a standard policy, then it is seen that the success of the project is greatly increased. As a result of the study, the success of the project in 2012 was 39 percent, and in 2004 it was only 29 percent. This development trend continues because of proper planning.

Project Management Planing

What are the things we need to know to successfully manage a project?Know how to manage the steps in the project, and how to manage various aspects of project management such as time, cost, scope, communication, human resources, quality, supply chain, steak holders, risks etc.

What can be the problem if you start working without knowing the steps in the project?
The target with which the project started, that particular target could not be achieved. Time and expenses may take longer. Stuck-holders may be unhappy with your project. In a word, the project can fail.

What are the qualities of a project manager?
Project Manager is Project Leader. In addition to technical knowledge of its project management, there should be leadership quality. In many cases, none of the project team members of the project manager are not reporting regularly. Under such circumstance, it is very important to motivate his team members in the right way.

What is the importance of project management in the current context?Currently, different types of infrastructure are being done.If we get more efficient project managers, the our development will be faster .

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